Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why Blog?

After exploring the blogs from the PowerPoint, what are your thoughts on blogging in education? Some questions you may want to think about include: How are blogs used as a communication medium for educators or students? How does the voice or tone of a blog influence the audience? Does blogging provide a 21st century educational experience that can't be gained in another way? Why or why not? Please chose to reflect on at least one of these questions or pose and answer another thought provoking question about the blogging experience in education. Be sure to post and respond to the posts of at least 2 of your peers by Sunday evening 6/19.(Happy Father's Day!)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I am Blogging Now Because My Teacher Told Me To...

What did you think of the blogging experience? Answer any or all of these questions (or give us some other insightful comments that related back to our readings, etc). Did you have a hard or easy time finding a blog you were interested in following? Have you ever blogged before? Do you see yourself continuing to use blogs as a professional resource? Will you continue to follow this blog?  Would you consider using blogging as an instructional tool to get your students reflecting and writing?  If you have blogged for personal reasons, how is blogging for personal interests different from blogging for professional reasons? Be sure to include a link back to the blog you followed, including the post you commented on.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why Blog

Why Blog?
This is a post for my JHU Technology and the  Science of Educators (Spring 2011) course. I was trying to decide how to present information about what a blog is and I decided that what better way than to do it than within a blog post! Plus I can encourage folks to respond to my blog, since they are getting graded on their class participation. (of course anyone out there in the blogosphere is welcome to comment as well) Wow, I love the power of being in education ;)

Explore some blogs (You can take a look at the blogs I have tagged on )
Make some observations about some of the blogs you look at:
You might comment on any (you don't have to comment on all!) of the following:

* What do you see as common components of all/most of these blogs?
* What are some things that may be very different from one blog to another?
* What are some of the audiences for these blogs?
* What are some of the purposes for these blogs? * What are the tone of the blogs?
* Are all blogs equal? Why or why not?
* What other comments do you have about these blogs? (Remember you will be choosing a blog to follow for 2 weeks--it can be any of these or any other blog related to your educational interests)
* How are these education related blogs similar or different from any blogs you may have looked at on a more personal interest level (ie, politics, news, sports, etc)