Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Using RSS Feeds to Organize Your Input

As I find more and more blogs, podcasts and wikis that I want to read regularly, or at least try to remember to read regularly, I find that RSS feeds become the only way to organize and keep track of the many sources of information that I rely on for both personal and professional development. To learn more about RSS and how to sign up for an RSS Feed, such as Google Reader take a look at this slideshow from Slideshare.net
Using Rss
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Another good slide show on this topic is also posted
RSS in Education
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Friday, October 17, 2008

WriteOnline Provides Accessible Writing Supports Across Settings

I am at Closing the Gap this week and am scouting out what's new and exciting in Assistive Technology. While, uncharacteristically, there are not a lot of new products being lauded and launched at CTG, there are a few that really deserve a mention. My favorite AT tool for students is a new writing tool, WriteOnline from Crick Software. The best of it's many features include:

  1. Completely online, this tool will be a boon to educators who have to worry about whether installed software will conflict with their network.

  2. Additionally, students will easily be able to login at home to finish up writing begun at school.

  3. The program features a very MS Word like toolbar (with standard features, like spell check and mispelling cues), text to speech, word prediction, WordBar banks, and writing frames.

  4. Students can even access their work without an internet connection, if they have been logged in within 3 days.

  5. Teachers will love the available analysis of document statistics and history, including whether students have pasted text in and a record of spelling errors and corrections.

  6. The program is completely switch accessible!!

Take a tour of all the features at http://www.learninggrids.com/us/WriteOnlinePage.aspx Free 30 day trials are also available at the website.