Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Picture Can Create a Thousand Words

In my previous post, I shared a handout from a workshop on Web 2.0 tools to support student achievement. Blogs and photos from photo sharing sites such as Flickr and Picasa are a great way to encourage students to write. Providing a word bank can allow students support with challenging vocabulary and it allows them to either copy by typing or cut and paste the text into their respones. Here is a example.

What do you see in this picture? What stage of the life cycle of a butterfly does this show? Use the word bank below to help you write your response.

adult larvae egg

butterfly chrysalis caterpillar

For more photos of the life cycle of the butterfly check out my Butterfly Album on Picasa

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Carolyne Thornton said...

Hi, this is an excellent idea of how to use Flickr for educational purposes. You could also use several pictures of the same topic and ask students to compare them in their writing. Thanks for the inspiration! Carolyne