Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Activities

On this great day in history, where we are celebrating the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States, we need to be sure to give all of our students the means to communicate about and reflect on the excitement that we are all feeling today.
Eric Sailors, has created a video about the inauguration on his blog http://speechlanguagepathologysharing.blogspot.com/ and accompanying activities, including ones to go along with this weeks News 2 You edition.
Here is an adaptation of a social script that an SLP I work with created before the inauguration:

I would like to talk to you--come closer!

Let's talk about the Presidential Inauguration?

What is an inauguration?

Did you go to the inauguration?

Did watch the inauguration on tv?

This inuaguration is so important for American History!

Yes, he is the first African American president of the United States!

Do you know anything else about President elect Obama?

The American people are ready for a change and he is willing to listen.

Do you want to be president one day?

Wouldn't it be cool to live in the White House?

I hope President Obama is going to be a great American President!

Talk to you later!

AdaptedLearning.com (a place to post materials made in Boardmaker and SDPro) has a number of activities on the Inauguration, including Put the Inauguration in Order and an interactive book on the Inauguration.

Intellitools Activitiy Exchange has an activity by Cindy Kerr, called A New President. Cindy always makes great things to share on the activity exchange.

So, enjoy watching the pomp and circumstance today, celebrate a milestone for our country, and help the kids to get involved in it back at school this week.

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