Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Using RSS Feeds to Organize Your Input

As I find more and more blogs, podcasts and wikis that I want to read regularly, or at least try to remember to read regularly, I find that RSS feeds become the only way to organize and keep track of the many sources of information that I rely on for both personal and professional development. To learn more about RSS and how to sign up for an RSS Feed, such as Google Reader take a look at this slideshow from Slideshare.net
Using Rss
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Another good slide show on this topic is also posted
RSS in Education
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Lon said...

Thanks for putting these RSS feed presentations on your blog. Feeds are a great support and a time saver for sure. I have put your blog link on my blogroll and am so glad you came to the presentation I gave at CTG. It looks like you have got some great things here and it will be fun to check back and keep in touch.

Lon said...

I wanted to invite you to send a link in for the AT Blog Carnival. Pick one and send it to me at lonthornburg@nolimits2learning.com
I would like to get links collected by Monday Oct 27 for the Halloween edition.
Hope to include you...